I am a videographer + photographer born + raised in and around Seattle, Washington. 

I love creating images + stories that have an eye for composition, color + light; and a heart for social change.

Most recently, I've produced visuals for GAY WITCH, the short film: Battle Grounds: The Hard Hits of Female Poppers; + directed + shot a short film, Scents of My Mother, in collaboration with Jaye Sablan

I also worked in the lighting department for the critically acclaimed short film Vámanos, and the docu-series: This is Me produced by Wifey.Tv.   

At the moment, i'm focused on music videos, behind-the-scenes photography + a project looking at white people + our relationship to family + racial justice. 

Reach out if you like what you see + thank you for stopping by! 

photo by @jamawakawala

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